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Updated: Jun 21, 2021

"April showers bring May flowers". That is what came to mind when we originally styled this table. Now it's hot and dry but we're throwing it back to that beautiful time of year where everything is lush and green and blooming.

We weren't able to recreate the hanging floral installation as in the inspiration picture, but the overall look and feel is the same. It's like an enchanted garden party with vibrant flowers and fresh green accents. As always, this post will breakdown how to create this look at two different price points using our rentals.

Our affordable option starts out with a knee-length linen in moss standard poly which we paired with napkins in the beige standard polyester. While this vibrant, lush design features many colors, most of that comes from the floral centerpiece and the green tablecloth. The rest of the table is fairly neutral. The beige provides enough contrast with the white plates that it stands out but doesn’t compete. For each place setting we opted to use just a dinner plate, hi-ball glass, and 3 pieces of the copper flatware. By not using a charger or salad plate, we kept the look simple and cut costs down. While $0.85 per salad plate or $0.75 per glass doesn’t seem that much, it can add up pretty quickly. That’s why we also decided to use one multi purpose glass instead of multiple at each setting. To finish the look, we used our padded wooden chairs which are a great mid-level option and helps with the garden vibe.

For the luxury table, we started off with a floor-length grass extreme crush linen. This lovely linen is a favorite of ours because it’s depth. Not only does it have great texture but rich color and a slight shine that makes it one of a kind. We used a beige majestic napkin with the textured side facing out so that it didn't compete with the shine of the extreme crush. We kept the same pieces used in the budget version and then added more. Including our rose gold charger, lilly salad plate and champagne flutes. To finish up the look, clover fruitwood chairs replaced the padded woodens and candlesticks were added to the centerpiece. These simple changes elevated this fun garden party look.

We hope this posts helps to show that no matter your budget, big or small, you can have a beautiful tablescape that fits your theme!


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