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Updated: May 13, 2021

As we scroll through Pinterest we are overwhelmed with images that inspire us. Sometimes it is hard for us to pick which looks we want to recreate. Then we daydream about having unlimited resources, access to fresh flowers for every mini shoot, and the perfect setting. Quick snap back to reality we have a white backdrop, rental items, some fake floral, and loads of imagination. In the end I think we really succeed at making these inspirations come to life, even with the limited resources. This edition of “2 Budgets, 1 Look” was no exception. We are in love with the vibrant colors, the textures, and the use of contrast in this design.

Our affordable table starts with a light pink poly tablecloth, that hits knee length on a 6 foot table. We then threw in a bright and contrasting raspberry poly napkin. These 2 colors are highly complementary, while still providing a nice vibrant contrast. Our padded wooden chair is ‘middle of the road’ when it comes to cost. The wood tones of the chair really help achieve the desired look and your guests will thank you for the pad on the chair.

To stay on budget we didn’t have any unnecessary pieces of tableware. This simple, but effective, place setting includes: Lilly dinner plate and a 10 oz. Jupiter glass. The flatware is our Capri Gold, and there is a salad fork, spoon, and knife. While a charger, and various styles of glasses add a lot of depth to a table design they are not always necessary. To save on your budget try picking a glass that can be multi purpose. Encourage your guests to have their one glass for the evening. After a quick rinse they can enjoy, water, wine, cocktails, and other beverages throughout the evening.

For décor we had a scattering of silver candlesticks of various heights and some colorful floral arrangements. A menu with a metallic gold rose border really completes the whole look.

For our luxury table we really amped up our look. We stuck with the same colors as our affordable design. We just used some of our specialty linen options. A floor length light pink velvet tablecloth with contrasting raspberry majestic napkins. These two linens bring in loads of texture. Especially since the napkin is two sided. One side is shiny and the other is matter with a little bit of raised stitching . Our Elizabeth chair is beautiful and comfortable.

It is on the high end when it comes to cost, but it makes a huge impact on this or any design. The tableware for this design has everything you need. It features: Lilly dinner plate, platinum salad plate, 10 oz. Jupiter glass, and a white wine glass. The flatware remains the same, the Gold Capri. We just added a dinner fork as well for a complete set. Normally on all “luxury” table designs we include a charger. We didn’t this time because it just didn't fit with our design. It just goes to show that even though you are creating a luxury look you can still find ways to cut your budget down.

For décor we did the exact same thing. A scattering of silver candlesticks of various heights and some colorful floral arrangements, only more. Nothing says luxury like having more!

We love this bold choice in color for this table design. We would love to see more bold color choices at real life events. Don’t be afraid to pick something bold and vibrant. It really pays off in the end!

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