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It's officially spring outside and in our showroom! This winter we decided it was time to implement a seasonal window display. It was something we had been dreaming of doing for a long time and finally decided to just go for it! The winter wonderland of trees and snow have since been replaced with butterflies and potted plants.

To start, we took a trip to Hobby Lobby where we bought the printed scrapbook paper to make our butterflies. To build the base of our window display, we set up 3 pieces of our skinny, 2x4 staging underneath the windows and covered them with moss. Along with the sheets of moss, we added mossy rocks, faux potted plants and ants to the display. In the center sits one piece of our Elio wood bench set, helping round out that spring-garden vibe.

The main part of our display is the 600+ paper butterflies hanging in the window. We put our trusty Cricut cutter to work with this one! After the butterflies were cut out, Elizabeth hot glued them to fishing line and hung them from the suspended ladders we have hung from the rafters. To keep the strands from getting tangled, we secured them to an eye bolt at the base of the stage. This created a curtain-like effect to the butterflies. The slight breeze in the showroom keeps the butterflies moving, giving it a magical effect you just have to see in person. The paper used for the butterflies is a mix of floral, geometric and rose gold patterns. To keep the butterfly theme going, we cut out even more butterflies of larger sizes to scatter around the table and adjoining decor; like part of our terra cotta backdrop, linen ladder and remaining pieces of the bench set.

We used the extra linen ladder to display different fabric options that match the color scheme. On the table we opted for a white belize tablecloth and lagoon matte satin napkins. To tie in the pops of terra cotta in the backdrop and potted plants, we used terra cotta saucers for the place cards.

The pictures of this display just do not do this display justice. It's a truly one-of-a-kind design that comes to life in person! Stop by our Columbia showroom to see it's full effect!

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